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Professional Commercial & Residential Turf & Tree Maintenance

"With Us the Grass is Greener On Your Side!"™


About Emerald Cut Turf & Tree

"With Us the Grass is Greener On Your Side!"™

Emerald Cut Turf & Tree co. was originally established in Prince George, B.C. during 2019 as Mesozoic Garden Services, a division of MESO Industries Incorporated, a locally-owned green industries and agricultural start-up company. 

Our primary focus is high-quality, professional Commercial & Residential lawn care, green landscaping, sod installation, tree maintenance, weed control, and outdoor groundskeeping services. We are fully licensed, fully insured, and registered with WCB for safe and reliable service within the Prince George area. We take great fulfillment in serving our beautiful community and keeping our neighbourhoods looking like the gems that they are. 

Owner & Operator, Samuel Wright, has understood the importance of customer service, quality, and attention to detail since the very beginning, and as such, Emerald Cut Turf & Tree co. continues to offer that same great service each and every time. With competitive prices and a rock solid reputation within the local industry, you know that you can always expect some of the best service available. Whatever your budget, you deserve to have your yard shine like the diamond it could be - sometimes it just needs to be cut from the rough. 

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"With Us the Grass is Greener On Your Side!"™


“Sam has always been able to provide and recommend some of the best and most honest service available. He doesn't overcharge or provide service that isn't necessary. He takes true pride in bringing health and restoration to your lawn, garden, plants and property”

Shelley A
Prince George, B.C.



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