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Natural Grass Turf Professional Installe


"With Us the Grass is Greener On Your Side!"™

We offer full sod installation services for new or existing properties. This includes everything that may be necessary such as the sub-grading, levelling, adding sandy loam or compost topdressing, final grading, and finally, installing the sod. 

We source our sod from local farms in Prince George and prefer to lay our sod on sandy loam top dressed with locally produced composted material, as opposed to chemical fertilizers. We find this produces as good as, if not better results than with a granular or liquid chemical. Plus, it keeps much of the process entirely local, and organic!

Upon completion, our team of experienced grass installers will instruct you on how to now care best for you lawn for the weeks and years to come.

Pricing is majorly based on square footage (or yardage) as well as how much prep work must be done to the site. We can often provide estimates online if you know your yardage but accurate quotes by appointment only.

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