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Styled Garden

Tree Maintenance

"With Us the Grass is Greener On Your Side!"™

We love trees and shrubs. They can be a stunning addition or feature to a wonderful yard, home, and property. To keep them beautiful, trees and shrubs do typically need a yearly maintenance. This is something we can help out with!

We do installation of new shrubs hedges as needed for privacy, shade, or borders, as well as suitable trees for our local region to be included as accents to your garden, yard, or green-space.


If you require, we can perform seasonal trimming on trees and shrubs (15' or less, call if unsure). We do also offer limited tree and shrub removal services if you have problem cedar bushes or an old fruit tree you need taken care of. We DO NOT currently offer any major falling services or stump grinding, but we'd be happy to recommend you to one of a few GREAT local companies that do!  

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